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Cloverleaf Paint Box

Cloverleaf paint box

I have recently acquired a compact versatile paint box. Ideal for taking on

painting trips and holidays abroad, it’s made by Cloverleaf and designed by a

painting artist friend called Barry Herniman.

Approx size when closed  4.5 ” x 4.5″ x 1.25 ”   (115mm x 15mm x 30mm)

Made from durable white plastic

Lightweight approx 260 grams


–    2 trays with 4 deep mixing wells in each.

–   1 flat mixing tray which also forms a top on the paint compartment         when closed    .

–   1 deep lid that doubles as another flat mixing well.

–    A removable central paint compartment with 13 deep wells ideal for squeezed tube colours as well as full and half pans.

–   A universal thumb plate for both left and right handed painters.

–   1 deep lid that also has two deep mixing wells

You can even put the box in the dishwasher !

Cost £38 including VAT and delivery

If you are interested in purchasing this box or require further details, please

contact me in the first instance with your name and address by telephoning

01642 712926 or email:

Payment by cheque made out to S M Ford or online to my bank account.