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SAA (Teaching Art)

On February 6, I was invited to attend the SAA offices in Newark and be filmed for a web clip.

There were 6 professional artists, including myself. During the day we had a tour of the warehouse, an Aladdin’s cave of art materials, followed by a practice session to camera. Then after a lovely lunch and a chat, we started filming,

I was first to present my pastel demonstration of a woodland scene at Balmoral Castle, where I ran painting holidays.

Firstly I explained various painting tips, i.e.  the benefits of working pastel upright. Use of the different types of pastels:, hard to soft. The next tip was working with a black felt tip to draw the picture. Especially good for blocking in dark areas of your picture, pastel will cover it, so it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Pastel is a forgiving medium.

Production of this web clips for my approval, before being made available on the SAA’s website.

I would like to thank Gary, the studio manager and Emma who co-ordinated the event for the opportunity and for their professionalism and encouragement throughout the day.